CUBA, The new Caribbean Destination for Americans.

Cruising to Cuba will be big in 2017!

There are still a lot of rules and regulations concerning travel to Cuba.  The cruise lines are making it easy for Americans to follow all the rules without too much worry.  It is still possible today to take a cruise without a passport, although we highly recommend you have one.  You can travel with your birth certificate as long as the cruise departs from the same port it returns to in the US.  This is not going to be true on cruises with stops in Havana, Cuba.  It will not only be required to have a passport but a visa as well.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines will be obtaining the visas for all passengers going to Cuba on one of their ships.  Of course there will be an added fee for this service but it takes the responsibility off the mind of the traveler.  Royal Caribbean will also be offering several different excursions that will meet the requirements for travel to Cuba.  As long as you take one of their excursions you will not have issues.  If you do not take one of their excursions you will be required to sign an affidavit stating you are traveling for one of the 12 reasons allowed.

Beacon Vacations escorted a group cruise to Cuba in October of 2017,  We had 38 travelers from 5 different states across the country.  It was an amazing trip with an extreme lack of souvenir shops!  We are so glad we were able to travel there before the changes of American Tourism makes changes to the culture and authenticity of the country.